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【  特大??  】


Dear CREG fellows working overseas,

Thanks for your hard work!


COVID-19 is now under control in China. CREG is actively implementing the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures and comprehensively promoting the resumption of work and production. Now the virus is affecting many other countries, your health and safety are deeply cared and worried.


We will never forget your efforts in helping CREG with the battle against the pandemic when we were experiencing the most critical and most difficult moment in China. You and our many foreign partners spared no effort in obtaining valuable epidemic prevention materials for CREG China. 

Thanks to your relentless efforts, CREG is well-equipped to prevail the challenge. All these have manifested that CREG fellows can overcome the shared difficulty with mutual assistance and concerted efforts. In spite of the pressing dilemma, you are still sticking to your duties in the front line of overseas business and services. Hereby, we would like to extend our sincere condolence, lofty respect and heartfelt gratitude to you and your family.


At present, overseas countries are experiencing a tough time in the outbreak of COVID-19. Giving priority of the pandemic, the Party Committee of CREG has set up the Steering Committee of Overseas Pandemic Prevention and Control, which are paying close attention to the development of the pandemic in overseas countries, and actively preparing for epidemic prevention materials. Based on the honeycomb-style party building that puts CREG fellows’ benefits first, a support team for overseas staff is established to deliver daily care to you. In this way, CREG seeks to offer you and your family as much assistance as possible.

At the same time, it is suggested that you pay close attention to the development of the pandemic in local areas, and stay vigilant. Please carry out the COVID-19 prevention and control measures required by local authorities and follow China's model in combating the pandemic. Please keep the faith in our battle against the virus and implement measures such as staying indoors, wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, maintaining good ventilation, avoiding gathering, keeping a healthy diet, so as to eliminate the likelihood of infection and virus transmission due to gathering. Should you have any trouble, please contact the local Chinese embassy and consulate as well as CREG. If your family members in China need any help, please contact the members in the support team immediately. We will keep in contact with you and your family members regularly in China.


The great distance cannot separate the close bonding among CREG fellows. No matter where you are, CREG would always serve as your sanctuary and stand by you! United, we will secure the final victory! Hope you all in good health and come back safe and sound!




座機號:037160608855                                郵箱號:gaoxiaoyi@crectbm.com


霍   磊     

座機號:037160606810                         郵箱號:huolei@crectbm.com



座機號:037160608726                                郵箱號:yuanlimin@crectbm.com



座機號:037160608801                         郵箱號:sunyingwu@crectbm.com


          International Division:
          Gao Xiaoyi, phone number: 18037377288, 0371-60608855
          E-mail: gaoxiaoyi@crectbm.com
          Huo Lei, phone number: 13526689894, 0371-60606810

E-mail: huolei@crectbm.com

          Work Union:
          Yuan Limin, phone number: 18037370138, 0371-60608726
          E-mail: yunlinmin@crectbm.com
          CYL Committee:
          Sun Yingwu, phone number: 15093398399, 0371-60608399
          E-mail: sunyingwu@crectbm.com

China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd
April 15, 2020
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